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Gamma Ray Equipment

Tungsten Collimators

Ir192 Tungsten pipe collimator 120° easy plug-in for all established source terminals

Code No. 05-0110

Collimator-ring with strap for collimator 05-0110

Code No. 06-0095

Se75 Tungsten plug-on collimator,
side emission 80°

Code No. 05-0171

Collimator holder for Se75 plug-on collimator

Code No. 05-0177

Supporting bar for collimator holder 05-0177

Code No. 05-0178

Se75 Tungsten plug-on collimator 80° full set with source terminal,
non-loosable collimator, 360° rotatable
matches to our elliptical tongs

Code No. 05-0172

SE Device-site collimator
with device connector, source terminal and supporting leg

Code No. 05-0720

Ring shielding brass
for SE Device-site collimator, for shielding and fixation of the insert collimator

Code No. 05-0724

Insert collimator 12 x 12 mm

Code No. 05-0721

Insert collimator 12 x 39 mm

Code No. 05-0722

Insert collimator 20 x 20 mm

Code No. 05-0723


Kurze Fernbedienung spezielle Ausfahrhilfe für SE-Geräteseitenblende.

Code No. 05-0725



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