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We supply accessories for all established Gamma Radiography systems. In addition we produce special designs according to your requirements.

On the following page you can download our cataloge and product data sheets as PDF files.


  1. METRITEC Catalog 2021/02 (PDF 4.3MB)
  2. Centering devices by METRITEC - picture (PDF 600KB)
  3. Centering devices_Overview - Technical data (PDF 408 KB)
  4. Monitor GX-2 Technical data Instructions 2012 DE EN (PDF 67 KB)
  5. DIGIT9 Technical data Instructions 2018 EN (PDF 340 KB)
  6. DENSIT-RT6 User Manual 2020 EN (PDF 746 KB)
  7. Hydraulic fixtures Maintenance instructions 2022 EN (PDF 3.1MB)


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